Circularity Roadmap for Apparel Brands

Iterate and expand a collaborative roadmap for apparel brands.

My team is developing a Circularity Roadmap for apparel brands, including a systems map and step by step guidance which links to examples and additional resources wherever relevant. Lots of circular design tools out there, but none (yet!) have all the elements needed to meet brands where they are on the journey to circularity and give concrete next steps. We welcome participation and input from brands and other organizations to make sure this one ties them all together!…

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What can go wrong?
John Sloan
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  • I think one of the main obstacles is getting one of the main brands to pilot a scheme to show that it can be done on a small scale and it is worthwhile to them in the long-term

    How can this be improved?
    Xavier Clisby
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  • Roadmaps are like the maps of the life to how the future we have planned and how much the planning has been remained. The first planning of the roadmaps is scam will not in the future so for this should be take steps very carefully.